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Term 4 Vocab & Story 2015

Vocab Term 4

sungai – river                         manga – mango                      buaya – crocodile

kancil – mousedeer               berapa – how many          ekor – classifier used for animals/tail

lihat – see                              lapar – hungry                         sebelah – beside

tau – know                             hitung – count                          antri – line up

ayo – come on                       sampai – arrive                        tertawa – laugh

marah – mad                          pandai – clever

Kancil melompat dari buaya ke buaya

Kancil melompat dari buaya ke buaya

Story Term 4 

Kemarin kancil berjalan di sungai.  Kancil lihat manga di sebelah sungai.

Kancil lapar dan mau makan manga.  Kancil tidak bias berenang.

Kancil lihat banyak buaya di sungai.  Ada banyak buaya lapar di sungai. Kancil bias apa?

Kancil berkata ‘Halo buaya.  Berapa ekor buaya di sungai?’

Buaya berkata ‘Tidak tau’. Kancil berkata ‘Saya mau hitung.  Ayo buaya antri.’ Buaya antri.

Kancil melompat dari buaya ke buaya.  Kancil berkata ‘Ayo hitung 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.’

Kancil samapi di sebelah.  Kancil berlari dan tertawa.  Buaya marah sekali.

Kancil senang sekali makan manga.  Kancil terlalu pandai!

Any words not in the vocab list have been taught in a previous story this year.


Mie Goreng – Fried Noodles

While the sister school was visiting, some classes learnt how to cook Mie Goreng.  Here is the recipe:

4 Instant noodles packets(no flavouring)   1 onion

4 tbsp of kecap manis (sweet soy sauce)   1 clove garlic

2 tbsp of soy sauce      1 carrot

4 tbsp of tomato sauce      1/4 cabbage

salt & pepper to taste      2 eggs (whisked)

1. Boil noodles (but leave them slightly uncooked.  Pour soy, sweet soy and tomato sauce in with the noodles.

2. Cook egg in the pan, like scrambled eggs, and then take out and set to the side.

3. Fry onion and garlic.  Then add vegetables and salt and pepper.

4. Add noodles, fry for a few minutes and then serve.

You could add meat or other vegetables to make this into a quick and inexpensive family meal.

Ibu Yustine cooking.

Ibu Yustine cooking.

Indonesian Sister School visit

In week 9, term 3 we had our sister school, Sekolah Petra Berkat visit us from Bali, Indonesia.  The visitors were hosted by the three schools of Goolwa, Port Elliot and Victor R-7.  Students got to participate in a range of cultural activities including dance, cooking and mask making.

A big thank you to our wonderful host families at Victor Harbor R-7, the Nobbs family and the Tymko family, who helped to make the visit such a huge success.

A big thank you to Urimbirra also, for their support of the Indonesian program across the Fleurieu and for always making our Indonesian visitors feel welcome.