Term 1 2017

Term 1 has flown by and term 2 feels like it is also flying past.  We started term 1 with some ‘Kenalkan Getting to know you’ target structures.  Each class come up with a Kenalkan story, which varied between Dora the Explorer and Donald Trump! Then students got to write their own stories about themselves or their favourite characters.  Some of the best of these stories have been printed (terima kasih Snapfish!) and our now in our Indonesian library.  This is going to be a great way to expand our book collection and the students love to read them!


We then moved on to some stories about ‘Keluarga – Family‘.  Target vocab included family members, pets and simple descriptions.

The final story for term 1 was a story I wrote myself.  We had lots of fun acting this one out with props, puppets and actors!!

Buaya Lapar

Ada buaya.  Buaya lapar terus.

Buaya lihat monyet.  Monyet punya sate.

Buaya mau makan sate.  Monyet kasih buaya satu sate.

Buaya makan sate.  Buaya berkata ‘Saya masih lapar.’


Buaya lihat Sarah.  Sarah punya mangga.

Buaya mau makan mangga.  Sarah kasih buaya dua mangga.

Buaya makan dua mangga.  Buaya berkata ‘Saya masih lapar.’


Buaya lihat Spongebob.  Spongebob punya krabby patty.

Buaya mau makan krabby patty.  Spongebob kasih buaya tiga krabby patty.

Buaya makan tiga krabby patty.  Buaya berkata ‘Saya masih lapar.’


Buaya lihat Pak Robins.  Pak Robins punya es krim.

Buaya mau makan es krim.  Pak Robins kasih buaya empat es krim.

Buaya makan empat es krim.  Buaya berkata ‘Saya masih lapar.’


Buaya lihat Batman.  Batman punya pizza.

Buaya mau makan pizza.  Batman kasih buaya lima pizza.

Buaya makan lima pizza.  Buaya berkata ‘Saya masih lapar.’


Buaya lihat Ibu Sharon.  Ibu Sharon punya enam coklat.

Buaya mau makan coklat.  Ibu Sharon kasih buaya satu coklat.

Buaya makan satu coklat.  Buaya berkata ‘Saya sakit!’

Ibu Sharon senang sekali.  Ibu Sharon makan lima coklat!!


Crocodile is hungry

There is a crocodile.  Crocodile is constantly hungry.

Crocodile sees monkey.  Monkey has satay.

Crocodile wants to eat sate.  Monkey gives crocodile one satay.

Crocodile eats the sate.  Crocodile says ‘I’m still hungry.’


Crocodile sees Sarah.  Sarah has mangoes.

Crocodile wants to eat mangoes.  Sarah gives corcodile two mangoes.

Crocodile eats the mangoes.  Crocodile says ‘I’m still hungry.’


Crocodile sees Spongebob.  Spongebob has crabby patties.

Crocodile wants to eat crabby patties.  Spongebob gives crocodile three crabby patties.

Crocodile eats the crabby patties.  Crocodile says ‘I’m still hungry.’


Crocodile sees Mr Robins.  Mr Robins has ice cream.

Crocodile wants to eat ice cream.  Mr Robins gives crocodile four ice creams.

Crocodile eats the ice creams.  Crocodile says ‘I’m still hungry.’


Crocodile sees Batman.  Batman has pizza.

Crocodile wants to eat pizza.  Batman gives crocodile five pizzas.

Crocodile eats the pizzas.  Crocodile says ‘I’m still hungry.


Crocodile sees Ibu Sharon.  Ibu Sharon has chocolate.

Crocodile wants to eat cocolate.  Ibu Sharon gives crocodile one chocolate.

Crocodile eats one chocolate.  Crocodile says ‘I’m sick!’

Ibu Sharon is very happy.  Ibu Sharon eats five chocolates!!




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