Term 4 2017

This term we have a story called At the movies.  The purpose of this story is to look at descriptions of people and prepositions of place.  The story includes revision of some previously learnt vocab as well as some extension of verbs (tertawa-laugh; membeli-buy; pakai-wear; datang-come; keluar-exit/leave).


Pada hari Sabtu malam, Hermoine pergi ke Victor Cinema.  Dia mau menonton Emoji film.  Di Victor Cinema, dia membeli popcorn dan duduk di tengah.  Dia tidak mau duduk terlalu dekat dan tidak mau terlalu jauh. Dia mau duduk di tengah karena tengah pas kalau mau menonton film. 

Di sebelah kanan ada laki-laki kecil.  Dia botak dan punya hidung besar.  Dia pakai celana coklat dan kemeja putih.  Dia kentut terus!  Hermoine berkata ‘Diam!’

Di sebelah kiri ada laki-laki besar.  Dia berambut pirang dan pakai jaket dan dasi merah.  Dia bercakap-cakap terus pakai HP.  Hermoine berkata ‘Diam!’

Di sebelah belakang ada dua perempuan.  Satu berambut pirang and satu berambut merah.  Mereka pakai rok dan bercakap-bercakap terus.  Hermoine berkata ‘Diam!’ 

Di sebelah depan ada lima anak nakal.  Mereka pakai overall biru dan kacamata.  Mereka tertawa terus!  Hermoine berkata ‘Diam!’

Film mulai dan Hermoine senang.  Popcorn Hermoine jatuh.  Heroine berkata ‘ADUH!!’  Spongebob, Donald Trump, Elsa, Arna dan minions berkata ‘DIAM!!’

Boss Victor Cinema datang dan berkata ‘Keluar!’  Hermoine keluar!  Hermoine sedih!



On Saturday night, Hermoine goes to the Victor Cinema.  She wants to watch the Emoji movie.  At the Victor Cinema, she buys popcorn and sits in the middle.  She doesn’t want to sit too close and doesn’t want to sit too far away.  She wants to sit in the middle because the middle is perfect for watching a movie.

On the right there is a small boy.  He is bald and has a big nose.  He wears brown pants and a white shirt.  He farts constantly!  Hermoine says ‘Be quiet!’

On the left is a big boy.  He has blonde hair and wears and jacket and a red tie.  He talks constantly on his mobile phone.  Hermoine says ‘Be quiet!’

Behind are two girls.  One has blonde hair and one has red hair.  They wear dresses and chat constantly.  Hermoine says ‘Be quiet!’

In front there is five naughty boys.  They wear blue overalls and glasses.  They laugh constantly!  Hermoine says ‘Be quiet!’

The film starts and Hermoine is happy.  Hermoine’s popcorn falls.  Hermoine says ‘OH NO!!’  Spongebob, Donald Trump, Elsa, Arna and the minions all say ‘BE QUIET!!’

The boss of the Victor Cinema comes and says ‘Leave!’  Hermoine leaves!  Hermoine is sad!



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