Term 1 2018

Well, our first week of the 2018 school year has started really well.  I have been consistently amazed at what my students have remembered and from previous years, and am really looking forward to extending that again this year.

For my middle and upper primary classes this year we are starting off by revising and extending our language to talk about ourselves and our families.  We will be creating some class stories around Kenalkan (introducing ourselves) and learning a family story.

As the Kenalkan stories are yet to be created, I cannot post about them yet, however the family story we will be looking at a little later in the term is ready to go.


Ada keluarga

Ada keluarga.  Di keluarga ada bapak, ibu, satu anak laki-laki, satu anak perempuan dan satu bayi.

Bapak suka televisi dan donut.

Ibu tinggi dan punya rambut biru.

Anak laki-laki nakal dan suka skateboarding.

Anak perempuan pandai bermain saxophone.

Bayi perempuan dan suka dummy.

Keluarga punya anjing dan kucing.

Anjing coklat.  Nama anjing Santa’s Little Helper.

Nama kucing Snowball.  Warna apa snowball?

Snowball hitam!!


There is a family

There is a family.  In the family there is a dad, a mum, a boy, a girl and a baby.

The dad likes television and donuts.

The mum is tall and has blue hair.

The boy is naughty and likes skateboarding.

The girl is clever at playing the saxophone.

The is a girl and likes her dummy.

The family has a dog and a cat.

The dog is brown.  The dogs name is Santa’s Little Helper.

The cats name is Snowball.  What colour is snowball?

Snowball is black!!


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